Tip 5 – Upgrading/Updating Prestashop step by step

Upgrading Prestashop is not easy especially if your used to using WordPress with it’s wonderful auto updater for both its core and its plugins. But upgrading Prestashop is still worth doing because of new features and security reasons.

Making a backup of all Prestashop files and the database before updating Prestashop

As I said updating Prestashop is not easy and there are lots of things that can go wrong making a backup is crucial before updating Prestashop! There are lots of things that can and will go wrong even if you follow every step of this article to the letter.

Step 1 – Uploading Prestashop’s latest version to a separate folder

If you want to upgrade Prestashop to the latest version you should download the latest version at the official Prestashop website. To upload Prestashop to your hosting use the following steps:

  1. Download the latest Prestashop;
  2. Create a new folder in your root directory called: “myNewPrestashop” (or whatever name it doesn’t matter);
  3. Upload the contents from the file you downloaded in step 1: Uploading Prestashop to your hosting using Filezilla (Want to know my hosting secret is?);
  4. Upload your current theme directory and img directory to your new folder.
  5. If any modifications have been made to any modules please move the modules from the backup to the new folder as well;
  6. Set your the proper permissions to Prestashop using Filezilla (Only to your new folder!);
  7. Upload your old config/settings.inc.php from your backup to your new config folder
  8. Apply chmod 777 to config/settings.inc.php (Only in your new folder!);
  9. Apply chmod 777 to img/logo.jpg if this isn’t already 777.

Step 2 – Updating Prestashop’s using the updater

If everything works you should now be able to run Prestashop’s updater/installer use the following steps to update Prestashop:

  1. Go to www.yourdomain.com/myNewPrestashop/install/ (myNewPrestashop is the name you gave the new Prestashop folder in step 1.2)
  2. This will open the following screen:
  3. Updating Prestashop using the updaterSelect your language;
  4. Select “I want to update my existing PrestaShop to a newer version”;
  5. Make sure it says “Currently installed version detected: v1.4.7.3” (or the version you have);
  6. Check “I agree to the above terms and conditions“;
  7. Click next;
  8. Check “I certify that I backed up my database and application files. I assume all responsibility for any data loss or damage related to this upgrade”;
  9. You will now see the following (Backup your Prestashop!):
  10. backup prestashop before updatingValidate your theme using the online theme validator by uploading a .rar file of your theme files;
  11. Click next;
  12. You will now see the following screen:
  13. configuration valid updating prestashopMake sure everything is valid by chmod the folders that are not valid;
  14. Click next;
  15. If everything went right you should now see the following screen:
  16. Prestashop update succesRemove the install folder from your new Prestashop;
  17. Change the name of admin folder to what your used to.

Step 3 – Replacing the old Prestashop for the brand new one

After updating it is the new Prestashop folder that’s updated and not the old one. If your shop get’s a lot of visitors you don’t want to have a lot of down time. So may by it good to update your Prestashop at midnight or in the morning it’s your call. We will know change the old Prestashop folder for the new one:

  1. Delete everything in your root directory except for the new folder your created;
  2. Al you have now is a folder (in my case called “myNewPrestashop”) with the newest version of Prestashop;
  3. Open the folder;
  4. Move the contents of this folder to your root directory;
  5. Delete the folder that is now empty (in my case called “myNewPrestashop”) ;
  6. Remember to change your folders to chmod 755 and your files to 644 for security reasons.

And that’s it. Well at least it’s working over here. If you need any help or just liked the article please leave a comment!

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  1. Kedhar Vishwanath May 26, 2012 at 7:08 am #

    Hi Thomas Barbillion,
    Thanks for the great prestashop tutorials. Can you make a tutorial on best practices for designers to follow while making a theme so that it does not have any problems while updating to newer versions of prestashop.

    • Thomas Barbillion May 26, 2012 at 8:17 am #

      Hi, Well i’m not quite the designer but I will take it in consideration. Please follow my Twitter and this website. May by there is a good Prestashop designer watching this willing to help me?

      Anyway thanks for the tip for a good article I will look in to it!

      Kind Regards,

      T. Barbillion

      • Vipul Hadiya April 21, 2015 at 5:00 am #

        Yes i can help you in theme development topic.

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