Tip 2 – Export and Importing your Prestashop database using phpMyAdmin

If your hosting doesn’t make daily or weekly backups or even if they do. You should always backup your database! Now doing this can be done in several ways. I like to do it using phpMyAdmin cause this has always worked for me and phpMyAdmin is used by a wide variety of hosts.

How to find and log on to phpMyAdmin

Well actually I cant really help you with that one. Every hosting uses a different control panel. But to be sure here are some steps you should follow to create a MySQL database.

Once you have found phpMyAdmin it should look similar to this:

start screen phpmyadmin

This screen can vary when using other versions. If you cant find phpMyAdmin or cant login please send me a comment or email.

How to export the database using phpMyAdmin once logged in

Once logged in your almost there:

  1. On the left hand you should select the proper database u made earlier;
  2. Go to export in the top menu;
  3. Select all the tables. It should look similar to this:
  4. phpmyadmin selecting tables to exportNow click go and save the file to a save location.

How to import your exported database to MySQL using phpMyAdmin

Importing your Prestashop MySQL export is easy:

  1. Make sure your database is empty (Or make sure there are no conflicting tables);
  2. Instead of export click import;
  3. Select the file you’ve exported earlier;
  4. Click go.

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