How to import a product feed in to Prestashop

Importing a product feed either XML, CSV or any other format is always a tough nut to crack considering you have to do everything right if you are running a live webshop. I’m at the stage where I want to offer my customers a wider selection of products so I choose to use a product feed and start dropshipping for my webshop Build and play.

Good, first things first set up a test Prestashop it’s always handy to have one and in this case I think it’s a must. Once your done doing that we will begin importing all the categories since Prestashop doesn’t really allow you to import everything at once:

  1. Go to tools;
  2. Go to CSVimport;
  3. Make a Excel file with all the categories in your feed that looks like the Prestashopsample files you can find the sample files on the right;
  4. importing csv prestashop sample filesMy Excel file looks like this (Notice that I haven’t got all the information I need and there are some double records);
  5. csv import prestashop categories excelIf you have something similar to this or better you can go and create a .csv file using Excel;
  6. In Excel go to save it as a Excel comma separated CSV;
  7. If you open the saved file in notepad it looks like this:
  8. categorie csv Prestashop exampleGo back to your Prestashop back-end;
  9. Upload the created .csv file;
  10. uploading csv file prestashopAfter you’ve uploaded the file it should be selected in the dropdown;
  11. We used comma separated so set a “,” at as the field separator:
  12. If you have multiple values between the comma you can set a separator for that purpose;
  13. If you want Prestashop enables you to delete all categories before importing your new ones;
  14. Click Next step;
  15. If everything worked out it should look like this (Notice I skip the first line, you can also delete this line in you Excel before saving):
  16. import csv data skip lineClick Import CSV data;
  17. Well like almost everyone I ran into some errors because some characters where not supported:
  18. character error import csv prestashopThe dutch word for world orientation wasn’t supported because of the two dots needed on the letter e so I corrected it in Excel and imported again.
  19. If everything worked for you it should look like this at the front-end:
  20. finished importing categories prestashopTo be continued!

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