How To Create An Online Locksmith Website With PretaShop

Long gone are the days when the sole purpose of a locksmith was to install locks and cut copy keys for clients. As a matter of fact, most of today's lock technicians do not advertise lock picking skills as their main services. Today's locksmiths specialize in providing complete home, office, or car security solutions. They can effectively assess various types of safety risks and vulnerabilities and set up plans accordingly. They can rapidly identify all rising issues and give clients a higher sense of safety and peace of mind.

Accordingly, they sell advanced locks that rely on the latest technologies, as well as alarm and intercom systems, electrical access controls, and pretty much anything else under the sun that could help you live and work in a safer place. Hence, the need to clearly advertise their work and products via highly visible websites online. If you are currently trying to build your own automotive locksmithing website, the PrestShop solution should fit you like a glove.

Why Choose PrestaShop For Your Site?

  • Because it is a powerful tool that is easy to use and highly efficient in providing you with the shopping cart software you are looking for. Even if you Car locksmith serviceshave zero hands-on experience with building an ecommerce website from scratch, PrestaShop will help you simplify the process.

  • People looking for the the cost of car locksmith services will usually go online using their smartphone or computers and do a search for a lock technician nearby. They need fast and reliable services, especially when they are in a pickle with their locks or keys. Keys get lost, stolen, they break into ignitions or they break and cannot be used to lock and unlock doors.

  • They can also get accidentally locked inside homes or vehicles. When temperatures start going up, drivers tend to become more careless, while planning ad-hoc trips to the seaside.

  • This leads to an increase in the number of vehicle lockouts. The most likely time of the week for people to lock their keys inside their vehicles is during the weekends.

  • The more visible your website is, the more likely it is for these people to contact you for your automotive lockout services.

How To Attract More Prospects?

  • One thing is for sure – competition is high in the locksmith industry. There are brand new services springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Some are more trustworthy that others.

  • Some provide the full range of services, and cater to the needs of people at a local, state, or nationwide level. Others choose to specialize in just one type of service – mainly automotive or residential – and answer lockout and lock fitting/re-keying calls.

  • So attracting more prospects and converting them into buyers or clients is a bit of a struggle.

  • You need powerful branding that can help you stick your head out of the crowd. Hire experts to draw your logo and create top notch content that is relevant, interesting, and updated periodically.

  • Display positive customer reviews – prospects tend to rely on those when trying to establish trust with a new service.

  • Try to mine within your existing database of customers and use mailing or texting strategies to encourage them to schedule their periodical lock inspections with you.

  • Offer incentives to customers recommending you to friends and family, and focus on a good discount program for new customers or new home/car owners using your services for the first time.


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