3.0 Exploring Prestashop’s front- and Back end for the first time

After uploading Prestashop to your web hosting and installing Prestashop you can open your Prestashop site for the first time! Just go to www.your-domain.com.

Prestashop’s front-end

A shop’s front end is also known as what the people see. A back end is what a administrator see’s. By default Prestashop uses a theme that is already good enough to start a webshop. May by a few tiny tweaks but that’s it. If you done every previous step correctly you should see something like the following:

prestashop front end

Hooks and modules in Prestashop

Now if you take a good look you see that it’s build out of all kind of small blocks also know as modules. Prestashop uses so called hooks to hang modules on. We will discuss how to remove or add modules to these hooks later on. You also see the webshop is filled with dummy content and probably modules that you don’t even need. That’s because we choose to do so back at the installation of Prestashop.

How to log on to Prestashop’s back-end

So do you like it so far? Good! Now there is a long way a head of us and I will now briefly explain where to find the back-end of Prestashop and how to log on.

To log on to the back end of Prestashop you can go to www.your-domain.com/<the name you gave when changing the admin folder>/ (you can find this step in the following article: 2.2 Installing Prestashop using the automatic installer.)

If you found it then it should look like the following:

prestashop back end login

To log on use the credentials you used when you installed Prestashop. And if all went well you should see the following:

prestashop back end logged in

Now that you are this far take a look around! Prestashop isn’t that complicated. Of course I will be writing more great article’s about the back end of Prestashop with tips and tricks but exploring it your self is never a bad thing!

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