2.0 Uploading Prestashop to your FTP using Filezilla

So far so good?

If you got this far you should have:

If you miss something please read the article’s.

Start uploading Prestashop

Good, lets go! If you have downloaded Prestashop should get a file called “prestashop_1.4.7.3.zip”( is the version number).

In this article we will upload Prestashop to a server. We will do this using Filezilla if your having trouble with any of the following steps please contact me by email or leave a comment.

  1. Open the .rar file and extract all the containing files to an easy to remember location on your hard drive;
  2. Open Filezilla and connect using your FTP credentials provided by your hosting; (Think your hosting is cheap? try HostingXs)
  3. On the left side open the location where you extracted Prestashop;
  4. On the right side you should see some folders. Try searching for “www” or “public_html”. (If you cant find this contact your hosting);
  5. Select all files that came from the Prestashop extraction;
  6. Right click on your selection and choose upload.

If this worked you now have Prestashop uploaded to your hosting. This is just the beginning. But its a start!

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