1.3 A proper domain name that says what you stand for and will be easy to remember

Its hard to find a good domain name by this point you probably already gave you’re webshop a name and the domain name is probably already taken right? Well this doesn’t have to be a problem!

A good domain name

Google appreciates a good domain name so if you have a company name like “Seats and Sofa’s” and seatsandsofas.com (of course registered name I know…) is already taken why not try the following domain names:

  • Buyseatsandsofas.com;
  • Seatsandsofassale.com;
  • Seatsandsofasshop.com;
  • Sofasandseats.com.

Now for the record for those who take this literately: Don’t use registered names for webshops like Seats and Sofa’s. I used Seats and Sofa’s as an example!

Make sure your domain name will be easy to remember and not to long!

How to register a domain name

You can register a domain name at almost any hosting company what goes for hosting also goes for domain names:

  • Cheap but not to cheap;
  • 24/7 service at least by email (I think an online chat service is a very good way to stay in contact with you’re domain name provider);
  • A real company and not a student that has a server at home (no hard feelings boys).

Keep in mind that it is possible to register you’re domain name at another company! Al you need to do is change your so called DNS records to you’re hosting.

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