1.1 A webshop name and a good unique idea

First of all you need a good webshop name and a good unique idea.

Starting a webshop without thinking it trough

This my sound funny but I hear a lot of people say well I would like to have a webshop lets make one. They have got no idea what kind of webshop they want to start and what the name should be. So think this trough even if you think you have a good name and idea!

Try searching for other people who do the same and try to find something that makes you unique!

Family and friends

A lot people discuss there idea with family and friends but I learned that this is not the best way to discuss a business idea. Family and friends do not want to hurt you’re feelings or tell you that you’re idea is bad, so family and friends will (with some exceptions) always tell you you’re idea and name are great!

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