1.0 Getting the basics set up for your webshop

What do you need to set up a webshop?

To set up a webshop you need a couple of things. Some of these things will cost money and some are free. But at least it will always be cheaper then paying like 50,- dollars every month on webshop software or paying 1500,- or more once for a complete webshop.

To make a webshop you at least need the following

1.1 A webshop name and a good unique idea;
1.2 A good and not too expensive web hosting with enough disk space and bandwidth;
1.3 A proper domain name that says what you stand for and will be easy to remember;
1.4 Downloading FTP(File transfer protocol) software (Filezilla);
1.5 Creating a MySQL database at your hosting
1.6 Downloading Prestashop, templates and modules.


I will try to post an article every day.

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